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Raymond Lam Selling Cake attracted nearby Residents

Raymond Lam Selling Cake attracted nearby Residents

24th Feb 2008

Yesterday, TVB New Series "Heart of Greed II" was filming in a cake shop in North Point. The leading lady of the series Lee See Kei instructed Raymond Lam to manage the cake shop business. Because they were so into character, some of the residents thought that they were really doing business as they opened the door to buy cakes from them. It was only afterwards that they noticed it was only filming, leaving them disappointed. (that there was no cake to buy)

Fights with Bosco Wong for girl
Before filming, since Raymond used to go to school in North Point when he was young, he spent the time to look for a stand that sold comic books. He says, "when I was young, after school I would come to this neighborhood to get comic books and sit to read while I ate "little car" noodles (܇×ÐüI). I am also Fook Kin, so I have a close feeling with this street. Also its rare for me to be able to see the neighbors here. (Your past roles were tiring?) Yes, this time I feel more comfortable. As of now the script only has 20 episodes written so far, I'm still slowly warming up for filming. Later I will be fighting with Bosco Wong for Linda Chung. Also I will have many scenes with the other cast members. Will have many lines to say."

As for Lee See Kei she also has many lines to say, she talked so much that her throat isn't well: "This series there is so many lines I have to say, I also spoke a lot of GAG, but the script is great. (Is there one GAG line that you could reveal to us first?) There is a lot, if you ask me now I can't think of one off the top of my head."

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