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Moses Chan Shines Raymond Lam’s Shoes Gives a Good Show

Moses Chan Shines Raymond Lam’s Shoes Gives a Good Show
24th Feb 2008

The new series just started filming but there are rumors that TVB planned the series to make Raymond Lam a “TV King”. It is rumored to be the reason that Moses Chan has less screen time. But these rumors did not affect Moses and Raymond’s friendship. The two commended each other and wants to work together to film a good series.

Moses, Raymond, Louise Li, and Susanna Kwan were filming outdoor scenes at North Point for “HOG 2” yesterday. They attracted a crowd. When Moses and Raymond came out to the street, a large crowd of people requested signatures and pictures.

The reporter asked Moses about TVB planning to give the “TV King” title to Raymond so his screen time was cut. Moses laughed and said: “I heard many rumors right after the series started to film. But I don’t mind them. I do my part. If you perform well, you don’t get your scenes cut. Performing well or not does not mean you get more scenes. It depends on your hard work. It is hard to do and requires work to do a small role. You need to rely on yourself to do a good job for the audience.” Moses also commended that Raymond has potential, works hard, handsome, sings well. He believes that Raymond’s hard work isn’t for one award only.

When Raymond heard about the rumors, he said: “Crazy, stupid! Even though actors want to be “TV King” at the end of the day, but the most important thing is playing the role well. It is important to make the character come to life and the audience to accept the character. I need to thank the producer for allowing me to have scenes with Louise, Susanna, Michelle Yim, Ha Yu and others. It gives me a chance to learn. (“There’s no competitiveness with Moses?”) No, I am happy to be able to work together. I used to think that he is only cool. But he is tall, funny and amusing. I would ask him when I don’t understand things. We communicate well with each other. It is most important that we do well in the series.”

As an elder, Louise also doesn’t believe the rumors. She feels that it is hard for Moses to interpret his character.

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