Thursday, May 7, 2009

Iron Horse Seeking Bridge costume fitting

hahah how weird the series Raymond was meant to be in now Tavia is in it but Raymond drops out anyways i dunno some people are saying that fungyi next series may be cancelled coz Joel is not in it and Tavia is doing this
but oh wells jsut have to wait and see
Anyways Tavia is only a cameo role in here taking over her sister's role. she pairs up with Kevin here.


Anonymous said...

wat do they mean by cameo role n which sister of tavia's r they talkin bout her sister haven't act before rite?? does cameo means da same thing as guset star she only appears for like 4 epz n da other she is not dere??

fungyi said...

haha sorry if i wasn't clear i meant that the role Tavia is playing is the younger version of Yeun Chau so she will only appear in about 6 eps and this role was originally for tavia's sister Griselda but she is pregrant now so she can't be in it so tavia subbed in for her

Anonymous said...

ok thz