Sunday, February 25, 2007

Over 30% think that Bernice will become TVB's No.1 Fa Dan

Over 30% think that Bernice will become TVB's No.1 Fa Dan
24th Feb 2007

Bernice liu, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Shirley Yeung and Tavia Yeung are the most recently heavily promoted female artistes in TVB. All of them have the potential to become the number 1 Fa Dan in TVB. As such, a survey was carried out to ask 50 ppl to choose the one whom they think will become the "Yat Jie" number 1 Fa Dan in TVB.

The result was out and 36% choose Bernice because they think that she got the sexiness but she doesn't make use of rumours to promote herself which keeps her image well. Plus, she can dance and sing well and also has the potential to become a female fighter. On the whole, she is talented.The second one would be Shirley Yeung who has 24% of the votes as she's "obedient" and she portrays her evil character in the Brink of Law well, plus, she's thrifty ever since she entered the entertainment industry.

Another 14% had chosen Tavia. They think that she really is hardworking and trying her best in improving her acting skills. Earlier on when she acts as a girl who has difficulty in saying her thoughts, the audience can see that she has put in an effort into acting it out.

The stats are below:

Bernice 36%

Shirley 24%

Tavia 14%

Myolie 12%

Linda 6%

Kate 4%

Others 4%

Translation: Sandalls

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