Monday, August 29, 2005

Raymond and Frankie Makes Fun of Tavia's Rumors

Raymond and Frankie Makes Fun of Tavia's Rumors
August 29, 2005
A group of cast members were filming for "A Simple Soothsayer", and though Tavia was the only girl present, the guys didn't purposely make things easier for her. Instead, they teased her about her latest rumours. There was a scene where she had to "talk with air" (I'm guessing there'll be some sort of special effect added later on?), and when she said she didn't know how to do it, the guys immediately joked, "Just pretend you're talking with your rich boyfriend!" Raymond Lam and Frankie Lam each took turns teasing Tavia, causing her to be very embarassed.

Later, when asked about this, she said, "Oh, please! I already said he isn't my boyfriend! We're just friends. If we were dating, I would admit it. (Does he have a chance?) I don't like to answer 'what if' questions. (But you're being teased!) It's ok. I expected it. They're just playing around."Tavia admitted that in the past few years, she's been very busy filming dramas, so she hasn't had time to date. Her career is her top priority right now.

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