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Twin of Brothers" Promotional Event

Twin of Brothers" Promotional Event
July 15, 2004

TVB's new series "Twin of Brothers" will begin airing on Monday and a promotional event was held yesterday in busy Tsimshatsui with a parade of dragons and cast members including Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Christine Ng, Chan San Chung and Nancy Wu wearing their ancient costumes, but suffering from the intense 32 degree heat and constantly wiping the sweat from their faces. The 'double dragons' Raymond and Ron were responsible for 'dotting the eyes' and then leading the dragon parade with their dragon pearls. The cast then followed the parade down the streets and handed out promotional paper fans to the mass of fans that had gathered, who scrambled to have pictures taken with their idols and caused a little chaos at one point.

Originally filming out in Beijing, Raymond had returned especially for the event and had to head back out again in the evening. He will be back again in August to host the Olympic games coverage before continuing filming that is expected to last until October. As for being described as the Hong Kong actor constantly stationed in the mainland, he says that it can't be helped, but he has asked the company to allow him to film more modern series in the coming year.

When asked if it was hard work filming ancient series in the height of summer, he says it is okay and he remembers the time when he first went to China to film. With him and Ron showing their behinds in the first episode, are they hoping to pull in the ratings? Raymond laughs: "I hope so, I don't want my humility to go to waste!" He adds: "This show is not only filmed entirely on location, there are a lot of CGI special effects and it is a quality production. This show will be the test to see if we can film such a quality production again in the future."

When asked about how things are going in Beijing, Raymond says that the weather is very hot and changeable, sometimes with storms brewing up within five minutes, so they have to take cover in the vehicles. However he is not worried about this affecting progress because his and Bosco's scenes will be filmed separately. This is different from "Twin" where he was often together with Ron and they had to fight in almost every scenes, getting exhausted from all the wirework, so this has to be the hardest he has ever worked. Ron was filming for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" until the early morning and then he had to prepare for the event, so little wonder that he seemed very tired. Also he has never tried an ancient costume parade before, so he feels a little odd, but he is not afraid of scaring the foreigners because he had just attracted someone to take a photo of him. It was originally planned for the cast to walk a distance down the street, but due to the chaos that arose, they were force to turn back. Ron did not feel that it was very chaotic, but this may have been because of the security teams keeping the crowds back. During the parade, there were a group of overseas Chinese girls wearing low cut tops who called out that he was very handsome, but he did not hear them. In the show, he has kiss scenes with Nancy Wu and Leila Tong, so Ron was asked who was the better kisser and he replied: "Oh, I don't know. (Are you afraid of causing more rumours?) No, we have finished filming now." When asked if he was afraid of people touching him up, he laughs: "Even if they did I wouldn't know because my costume is so thick!"

Tavia laughs that the parade was fantastic and she explains that it was just some people pushing against those at the front and there was not really any confusion. She was also not worried about people taking advantage, but was more worried about fans getting injured, luckily they managed to keep order. With high hopes for the show's ratings, has she arranged with the other cast members how they will celebrate? Raymond had suggested that if the ratings hit 40 points, the girls should wear bikinis, whilst the guys stood and watched, so to this Tavia responded: "How about if the show hits 30 points, the guys wear triangular swimming trunks and the girls stand by and watch?" She was not disappointed about not being able to complete the original route, saying: "It is a good thing because it is so hot today, my costume is already soaked through. (Was it really hard work before?) It was very hot, but there were too many people and it was very crowded and suffocating. Was there anyone taking advantage? No, there was too many security guards around. I am pleased to see so many people here to support us today as this has injected confidence into the shows ratings." Christine Ng also paid to return to Hong Kong from Beijing where she is currently filming, just to take part in the event.


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