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Fung Forever Gathering

For people who want to watch the FF gathering clip it can be downloaded here at

Yuki's Blog

If you download part 8 of the clip Raymond talks about Tavia being his best On-screen partner. The question that was asked is really funny
The Question was:
"With who do i partner up with do i have feel, with who do i dance with best, with who do i film MV with is the most memorable, with who do i play am i most happy. Pick Girl or Pick Boy doesn't matter. Each question must be answered with one person. From table 7 seat 6"

Clip can be viewed here:

i posted this yesterday but i think I'll put it in this post so it's neater

FF shoot a video clip of the fan meeting but it's like 4 GB so it will take them a while to edit and upload it
Fans who went to the FF meeting said that Raymond mentioned the following:

  1. His new album will have some fast songs
  2. The title song for the album will still be a ballad , not a fast song
  3. This third point i don't really get sorry something about - This year going to have a performance/concert?? with one male and one female guest star. Both will do a dance. The guest star are not TVB people. The male performer is Vaness Wu and the female is Joey Yung.
  4. He will not shoot anymore TVB dramas this year
  5. Maybe at the end of this year - beginning of next year he will start shooting another drama in Mainland China. Said to be a grand production, but it is not finalised yet so he can't give out much detail about it

Awww how sad Raymond really is only filming one TVB series a year now maybe it is because MR took a really really long time to film sad to see that the chances of Fungyi pairing up again is very very slim since Raymond is not filming much TVB series anymore . So i'm also taking it as the news of Raymond being is Tommy Leung's Grand production in November is false as well since he said he isn't filming any more TVB series this year plus his next filming project is the mainland series. Well unless the Tommy series is a joint project between TVB & A Mainland company but i doubt something like that is going to happen since TDOL wasn't very successful in HK.

Tavia Message to TY

Tavia left a message on TaviaYeunG.Com the other day

HELLO,你们好吗?好久不见了,因为拍摄胜雪盐栈和溏心2的关系,所以一直没有给大家留言,十分SORRY!现在2套剧集都顺利拍完啦,只系剩下后期 工作,由其系溏心2,今次有不同的人物加入,而且自己的角式和上一集也不同,一定会带给大家新鲜感呢!接下来的工作系到马来西亚宣传、拍广告、唱歌和最重 要可以和当地的fans们见面,所以大家有时间记得嚟支持我呀!至於剧集方面的安排,迟吓再告诉大家,先休息,变番个靓样先最重要,哈哈 哈...........
2008/06/28(Sat) 11:34 [5517]

Hello, how are you guys? Havent seen you guys for so long. Been filming ST and MR and so didn’t leave a msg for you guys. Very sorry about it. Now tat both series has wrapped up, it is only left wih the after filming esp for MR. this time round, there is a no. of new characters included and my character inside is different from HOG's. it will definitely bring some freshness to everybody. Coming up next is promotion in malaysia, filming advertisements, singing and most important can meet with the fans there so everybody must remember to support me. Regarding the broadcasting of the series, i will let you guys know later. need to rest now so that i can regain my looks. haha.

From tavia's blog
ST has many fighting scenes and often has to use swords. Filming fighting scenes are really tough. Although the crew prepared a substitude for me, but to enhance the filming effects, I always film those scenes personally. Everybody have to look out when this show is aired.

Translation Credit: irrationally adept

TVB Olympic Games Campaign

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: kingkongit27 @

Raymond Lam Will Concentrate mainly on his Music

Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Bernice Liu and Edwin Siu were arranged to become "TVB Olympic Stars". During the event they sang the Olympic theme song (光輝的印記). All four of the stars had fan's supporting them at the event, but it seemed that Linda had less fans than the others. Linda states perhaps its due to not having time to see her fan's lately, but she rather her fan's use their time on study and doing their own personal things.

The four stars will be attending upcoming events that promote the Olympics. Raymond Lam and Linda Chung have recently had many rumours while filming series "Heart of Greed 2". The reporter teased Raymond by saying that he now has alot of opportunties to see Linda . Raymond replies "Yes, I will become sick of seeing her". He also states that when the series has finished filming, he will concentrate mainly on his music and will not film a series for awhile. Asked Raymond Whether he would sing a duet with Linda because she is going to become a singer? He replies by saying probably not. The theme song and sub song are sung by himself alone.

Denies Dating with Charmaine Sheh

When we asked about reports stating that Raymond and Charmaine Sheh were wearing matching couple watches, Raymond immediately said "Please don't misunderstand and accuse Charmaine for things not true. Watches are similar in every range and every brand." Charmaine was reported earlier about spending money on Ron Ng. (Asked Raymond who actually is dating Charmaine?) He says he doesn't know. (Would it be Ron Ng and Charmaine dating?) in order to avoid the question, Raymond replied by saying Ron and him were dating.

The reporters asked Linda what she thought about the reports stating Charmaine and Raymond wearing matching couple watches. Linda smiles and says "Really, Then I will be very happy for them". (Will you ask Raymond about it?) "I will not ask him because it's none of my business."
Bernice expressed that it was the first time she was arranged to become an "TVB Olympic Star". She states that her brother who is teaching in Beijing, has tickets to see the Olympics. She hopes to arrange a holiday period so that she can go to Beijing and watch the Olympics.

Edwin Siu who has just come back to TVB, is going to be heavily promoted. He states that he is very honoured and happy. He hopes to see the Olympic events live.

Video - TVB-E

Now for the picture from today's event

Credits: Raymond forest, TungStar, KAKAKA & KC , LindaClub, Apple Daily, On.CC

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Hi guys.

The SimplyFungYi team has been busy with another project.

We've firstly came up with the SimplyFungYi Blog, catering for international fans' demands. This has been a great success due to everyone's support.

So the team will finally 'launch' it's new project.

Let me formally introduce to you guys, the SIMPLYFUNGYI FORUM

Register as a member for additional site access and join the international FungYi community!

The idea is that us Raymond, Tavia and FungYi fans have more freedom to discuss whatever we want and have more power in monitoring the site ourselves. Thanks for everyone's support.


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Theme Songs

So got some news today from Steven Ma fans and Steven has mentioned that Salt Traders will broadcast this year but the month it will be airing is still unknown
and the good news is that Steven & TAVIA will be singing a duet for the theme song of SALT TRADERS
wow finally TVB lets Tavia sing another theme song and with Steven as well it sure would be good hope they will give her more and more chances in the future to sing theme songs

Raymond will be singing the sub theme of Moonlight Resonance ... i have no idea of it is a duet or not but the news just said Raymond recorded the song by himself

So we will be hearing songs from Raymond & Tavia soon

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Tavia in outbreaks; in low spirits

Jaslyn will probably be posting up the translation to the article later
but enjoy the beautiful Tavia pictures

Edited: Tavia yeung has revealed earlier that she has inadequate rest due to the filming of Moonlight Resonance and ended up with breakouts on her face and almost ended up with depression.

Tavia Yeung has signed on to be the spokesperson with a six figure sum for a facial company and appeared on photos with sexy photos of her and her smooth skin. Although she feels good filming MR, but she revealed that she has inadequate sleep filming MR and ended up outbreaks on her face causing her to be affected emotionally.

Tavia revealed that she was upset once because of pimples. “The outbreaks on my face were affecting my filming and I had to consume traditional Chinese medicine and take jabs. I even tried the most traditional methods. Actually girls having bad complexion may be a good thing as there is sponsorship from facial company. According to my family, my complexion has improved a lot already.” Other than that, Tavia said that filming MR made her sacrificed a 7 sum figure. No wonder after her filming, companies wanted her to appear on advertisements.

When asked if she will consider swimming ads, “of course will consider but the most important is to appear healthily in a sexy ad” She also said that her commission will be handled by her mother. “If my mother can handle it, I am intending for her to be a boss again.” Filial of her.

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Translation by Irrationally_adept
(Note: Translation might not be entirely correct as the words used in the article are harder than usual.)

MR BTS Picture & Tavia new H2O Spokesperson

Hey sorry guys for the slow update lately i got the news of tavia being a spokeperson a few days ago but i just been so busy and sucked into watching dramas that i didn't update

First these picture were found in Vincent's Yahoo blog
I guess Tavia really did keep her promise from the Scoop clip lol coz Vincent said that Tavia takes very good care of all the young actors on the set

Now these set of picture were found from Vincent's blog

PICS - Behind The Scenes!
i hope everyone managed to stay clear of the horrible T8 weather and are safe in their homes - HK is seriously in need of some proper summer weather, and i'm talking about more sunshine!!
anyways, hope the following could cheer up everyone's dampening mood :) -
i remember really clearly the scene you see below with that enormous was shot at 9am and everyone was struggling to keep their eyes open - but we all look pretty awake in the pics tho huh? ;p


funny scene at a classic karaoke-style bar

莎姨's birthday

poster shooting day

my lovely sister's wedding

my happy family and our gigantic mooncake!

Moonlight Resonance Poster shooting vs Heart of Greed Poster

Seriously doesn't the Poster shooting for MR look awfully like the Heart of Greed poster ? Except this time they have Mooncakes instead of Abalone on the table and Raymond took over Bosco's seat near the table and Michelle Yip took over Suzanna Kwan's spot ....... Really wonder how the final MR poster will look liks now

DO NOT TAKE OF OF SIMPLY.FUNGYI just a simply translation not very accurate

Tavia Yeung H2O+ District Spokesperson for Malaysia

Tavia has signed a new contract to be the new spokesperson for H2O+ Skincare for Malaysia.
Dicey Business was recently broadcast in Malaysia and her role as Tam Mei Chu is very impressive and highly liked. Although in the series Tavia is dizzy she is a smart and full of charm in real life. H2O+ will be entering the Malaysian Market and has been searching for the right spokesperson. The contract signed with Tavia ( for the term of one year) was made due to her great taste and fashion and healthy image. The brand has been launched in different regions such as Hong Kong with Twins, Joey Yung and Janice, Taiwan with Angela Zhang now it is Tavia's turn.
In early July Tavia will go to Malaysia which would include talks about H2O and promoting Heart of Greaad with Moses Chan. She will be again going in December As the Offfical spokesperson for Malaysia and also t omeet fans

Credits: China Press


with some picture of Salt Traders go visit it

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Olympic Theme Brings Together Top Ten Stars

Olympic Theme Brings Together Top Ten Stars
23 June 2008
Emma Lam

To celebrate Hong Kong's status as co-host city for the equestrian events of the Beijing Olympic Games, EEG have pulled out all the stops and called in ten of its top stars - Jackie Chan (成龍), Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Joey Yung (容祖兒), Lee Jun Ki (李準基), Charlene Choi (蔡卓研), Anthony Wong (黃耀明), Raymond Lam (林峯), Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡), Vincy Chan (泳兒) and Tian Liang (田亮) to record the event's theme song "Decathlon" <十項全能>.

The song was written and produced by Kwong Wing Chan (陳光榮) and lyrics were by Chow Yiufai (周耀輝). There are also Mandarin and Cantonese versions of the song, which will be launched officially on 01 July at an event to be held at the Shatin Racecourse.

Bringing together the busy stars to record the song was no easy feat for the company, especially for Jackie and Lee who flew in especially for the recording. Tian was unable to return for his part, so EEG arranged for it to be recorded locally. Nicholas had just 4 hours out of his busy filming schedule and Joey had to a day's vacation that she had planned previously.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Raymond @ Sha Tin Race Course

Credits: KaKaKa , Raymond Forest, Oriental Daily

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