Tuesday, August 31, 2004

"Twin of Brothers" cast at a charity event

"Twin of Brothers" cast at a charity event
August 30, 2004

A group of cast members from "Twin of Brothers" including Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Nancy wu, Christine Ng and Leila Tong took part in a charity event for Po Leung Kuk yesterday, playing games with the students. As it was also Tavia's birthday and with Ron and Nancy also celebrating birthdays on September 2nd and 9th respectively, the three were presented with a birthday cake and wishes from the rest of the cast.

Tavia is currently filming for new series "Imperial Layabout" and she says that her birthday wish is for good health, to make more money and for everything to go smoothly. What will she do with the money she earns? She says: "I hope that my family can have a more comfortable life and to be able to start a little business of my own. I don't wish for romance, just see what comes along."

As his birthday is very close to Tavia's, Ron will be taking her out for dinner to celebrate. When asked if he will introduce her to his friends, he laughs: "Choosing a boyfriend is all about personal preferences and I do not have anyone to introduce her to, but I hope that she will find the one this year, so I can take them both out next year." Ron was wearing shades throughout yesterday's event and it turns out that he has just had a moulding of his face done for new series "Courageous Kunlun", but this has caused a skin allergy on his face.

Egged on by Lo Chun Shun and the other cast members to give Tavia a birthday kiss, Ron just gave her a peck on the cheek and this was returned to wish him a happy birthday for the 2nd. Tavia indicated that she will be celebrating with her family after finishing work. She says: "When I was filming for 'Imperial' yesterday, the crew bought me a cake and I received some presents from my fans. Adam bought me a cheesecake and gave me a birthday kiss."

Raymond returned from filming for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" in Beijing for the event and sported a large bruise on his arm. He explains that this was caused by an accident where it was caught in the door of a van and when the accident happened, it was a full five minutes where he could not speak because of the pain. Only after much rubbing did the pain subside. With his earlier injuries to his back whilst filming for "Twin" leaving him with a scar on his back that scared his mother when he returned home and these new injuries, does he feel that the more injured he is the more famous he becomes? Raymond laughs: "What? I don't know about that!"

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Attached youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlfM0vEmHPs (Ron teased Ray to kiss Tavia. very cute!!)

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